In which there is astonishment, and good news for Liaden readers

As I write this, the Patreon account has long passed its Exploratory Goal of $500, rocketing to $705.50 in 17 short hours.  That’s. . .pretty amazing.  Steve and I thank everyone who has subscribed.  We’ve had a couple people apologizing because their donation is so small.  Please, there’s nothing at all to apologize for.  Your generosity and goodwill  is very, very much appreciated.

Speaking of good news, we have some for you.

Madame the Editor has, with the agreement of ourselves, and the cooperation of Madame the Agent, written a contract for. . .

. . .two as yet titleless Liaden novels, to be consummated after we turn in the final novel in the Five Book Dash.  We’re calling these the Mask Books.

So, what that means is that we have work through 2019, and you have Liaden books coming through, oh, 2020? 2021?

We hope that makes y’all as happy as it makes us, and!  If you happen to see Toni Weisskopf, yanno, at a con, or around the intertubes, or someplace, you might want to thank her.

And, now?

Steve is making us soup to go with our salad, because, for a change, it’s snowing.  After lunch, it’s back to work on Alliance of Equals.

Thank you all.

9 thoughts on “In which there is astonishment, and good news for Liaden readers”

  1. That is fantastic news! I’ve been a fan since the 1988
    Agent of Change showed up at my local bookstore.(I still have it although, its a bit yellow now) I tell my friends about your books, and suggest your titles to the local library, which they now order automatically. I have all your books and pre-ordered Dragon in Exile in February.

    I have purchased later versions of your early books, since my original books are showing their age. The Meisha Merlin
    books are still pristine. What a loss when Meisha closed.

    Hope your house move goes well. Being on the west coast, I am entertained mightily by your blog posts about the weather. I won’t list what is blooming here….


  2. I am so glad that Patreon works. And congratulations to you regarding Mme. the Editor. She knows a good thing when she sees it.



  3. I understand completely both why so many of the fen want to support Their Favorite Authors of All Things Liaden and why you’d want some way to even out the cash flow. I have both a Day Job and a freelance career [since I’m not good at thinking up alternative universes, I stick to journalism] and my accountant is always having to adjust this and that. We tried the quarterly withholding one year after a particularly huge project, only to get me lots and lots of refund. The next year, I paid more than $4,000 and I still got audited, sigh. Thus, I’m happy to help contribute to less regular cash anxiety.

  4. The prospect of new Liaden books through 2021 (and maybe beyond?) makes me deliriously happy. 😀

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