In which Lee and Miller try Patreon

Per our discussion the other day, and the subsequent input from y’all, we have put up a Patreon page.  Here’s your link.

As noted several times at Patreon, this is a Complete Experiment, for us, and for you.  We’re going to be riding the wave for a little while and we’ll see where it takes us.  All of us.

So!  Housekeeping details:  Patreon apparently charges patron credit cards at the end of each month. They take out their piece of the action and pass the rest on to the artist.  There’s a tiny fee for getting the money out of Patreon’s account and down to our bank.

Since this is an experiment, and we haven’t committed to any Creation or Rewards, yet, you will for the first three months — April, May, June — be supporting the authors’ peace of mind as they finish writing Alliance of Equals, and embark on the Dragon in Exile book tour in early June.  At the end of June, we’ll reassess.

Someone had asked for the option to make quarterly donations.  I’m very sorry, but Patreon’s control panel allows for only two sorts of payments:  Per project, or per month. Since we’re not at the moment doing a project, we set the switch to “per month.”

Thank you all very much for your support, and for your input.

Oh.  I should probably mention that your patronage may also go to support Trooper’s long-held wish to travel to Angkor Vat.  I caught him reading a guide book this morning:

Trooper with the Angkor Wat guidebook
Trooper with the Angkor Vat guidebook

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