All the poor soldiers are weary

In which several points are addressed, in no particular order, and with no particular connection.

1.  Have you pre-ordered your signed/personalized copy of Dragon in Exile from Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore yet?  Time’s a-wastin’.  Here’s a link to background and instructions.

2.  Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are writers.  We are published by Baen Books. We are not horses, and we are not in “Baen’s Stable.”  You may think it means “all of the writers who are published by Baen” — and you would be wrong.  A human stable is understood to mean a group of people who have been trained, or who work for, a particular team or organization. Writers are trained by many, and they are self-employed.

3.  Pursuant to 2, above, we have nothing to say (and have therefore said nothing) on the topics of sick and unhappy canines, as they have Nothing to do With Us.  Sadly, some. . .outraged persons who are unable to make fine distinctions, have decided to make Grand Gestures, such as refusing to review all Baen Books, because they feel that Baen Books is the architect of the present silly shenanigans of a few. . . very loud authors.  If you see fewer reviews of our work, this may be the reason why.

4.  There is apparently more than enough Stupid to go around.  This does not mean you have to take a handful of Stupid out of the box when it comes to you.

5.  Eric Flint has written a cogent and sane piece about awards, and, coincidentally, the history of the SF/F genre, and the SF community.  It is the long view from someone who has been in the field for longer than five years, and who has taken the time to understand the field, and the community.  Well worth a read.  It is a lengthy essay, but take it in shifts, if you need to.  Here’s your link.

6.  Yes, Korval’s Game has been out of print for about a year.  How clever of you to notice!  The good news is that it’s being reprinted by Baen this month, and should be available soon.  Now!  It used to be that the distributors would let indie bookstores know when a backordered book was reprinted, but apparently they don’t do that, anymore.  So — if you would share this happy news with your favorite indie bookstore, the next time you’re in, you’d be doing everyone a good turn.

7.  Today’s blog title comes from “The Banks of Sicily.”  Here’s one link     AND!  Here’s another

Sooper Trooper rockin' the red basket
Sooper Trooper rockin’ the red basket

8 thoughts on “All the poor soldiers are weary”

  1. You’re welcome.

    I gotta tell you, when it comes to earworms? Harry Belafonte does good work. I had “Jamaica Farewell” stuck in my head for at least a week and a half.

  2. I have heard rumors of problems with science fiction/fantasy voting, but really didn’t understand what the problems were. Thank you for sharing Eric Flint’s article, it really helped clarify the situation.
    My son and I went to Renovation and we both read all the items before voting, and had no idea of any author’s background. We will do the same for the convention in Spokane. My husband is coming this year and he said he will only vote in one area because that is all he will have time to read, and feels it is not fair to vote if you haven’t read all the items in a category. I don’t particularly care what an author’s personal beliefs are when I am reading a book, certainly not their politics unless it has been shoved in my face. Those complaining need to grow up a bit! (Though I do think there should be an award for a stand-alone universe like yours or C.J. Cherryh’s or Lois Bujold McMasters’ or David Weber’s etc. )

  3. Thank you for this column and for your work at / on behalf of Baen Books (they’re my favorite house). That is a gorgeous cat; do you by chance know if David Weber’s ever seen him in person? (He personifies my image of Farragut the Treecat)

  4. I don’t think David and Trooper have met, personally. Trooper pretty much stayed in New England, even during his cat show days. However, he is typical of the Maine coon, so it’s not impossible that the breed, if not Trooper himself, was the root of inspiration.

  5. Thank you for the link to my song! 🙂 Glad you liked it!


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