Lukey’s boat is painted green, ah, me boys

While we’re waiting for Snowpocalypse — 20 total inches now predicted, and!  11 more on Friday, from Another, Completely Unrelated storm — While, I say, we’re waiting for the snow to fall, I should perhaps point you to Eating Authors, a series of blog posts hosted by Lawrence Schoen, in which diverse writers talk about their best meal ever.  Today’s guest is. . .

. . .why, it’s me.

Here’s your link.

While I’m doing the promotion thing, please allow me to ask you, if you’ve read. . .any of the Carousel books, really, but most notably Carousel Seas, please consider leaving a reader review on BN, Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, or wherever you talk about books with your friends.  Thank you.

Today, as we wait for Snowpocalypse (see above), it’s bright and sunny – and very, very cold.  The warmest the car’s on-board thermometer would own to, on my drive into town, was 12F/-11C, with a stiff wind bringing that right down to 0F/-18C.  The Shaws on KMD was. . .not particularly busy when I stopped to pick up bottled water, but the KMD Hannaford, where I stopped to pick up items not available at Shaws, Was. A. Freaking. Zoo.  Whole shelves were empty.  There wasn’t a banana in the store, unless it was already in somebody’s basket, the wine section had been stripped, and the bread section; there were no muffins in the bakery section.

. . .this is going to be a Strange Snowstorm, isn’t it?

While I was in town, Steve, who was catching up the laundry at home, was treated to a pre-blizzard power outage.  Hoping that wasn’t Central Maine Power, helpfully giving us a practice run.

For the rest of the day, there is laundry, and making sure the dishes are caught up, and, yanno — writing.

And!  A question for East Coast peeps:  Has it started snowing where you are, yet?

Today’s blog title brought to you by Great Big Sea, Lukey’s Boat.  Here’s your link.

14 thoughts on “Lukey’s boat is painted green, ah, me boys”

  1. Esther Friesner reported that it’s started snowing in Connecticut, just lightly so far.

  2. BTW, I live on the West Coast (Washington), and believe it or not, I am envious of you East Coasters and your snow. We haven’t had any snow here for a long time. It’s actually been in the 50s and 60s during the day, and there’s been rain, of course, with the occaisonal hail storm, but no snow.

  3. It’s been lightly snowing here in Philadelphia since 10-ish; no accumulation as of yet, just a coating.

  4. It was snowing here in Pittsburgh when I woke, which wasn’t, I must confess, until 10ish a.m. It looks like there are a few inches on the ground. We’re not expected to get anything like the inundation predicted for points farther east and north.

  5. Baltimore it has been snowing since the wee hours of the AM but very fine and I would be hard pressed to measure an inch… but we are to get another inch tonight we are on the tail end of the storm so we are getting your leftovers.

  6. The Weatherbeans have been saying things like 6-12 or 3-5 inches, and it was supposed to start snowing last night or this morning. It did, but just barely. So far the day’s totals are less than a 1/4 inch and it isn’t doing anything right now except being gray and gloomy. I keep hoping for a pretty snowfall so I can go out and instagram it, but no luck. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a bust, the way the last two catastrophic snow storms predicted last week were. Delaware goes nuts, buying groceries, etc, and it’s a shame to waste all the frenzy.

  7. What Mary said. We are supposed to get more tonight but I bet it won’t be much more than an inch. We did have almost 50 deg yesterday, and the storm started later than predicted, so total accumulation is a bust.

    Mind you, it has got quite cold so ice will be a Problem.

    I enjoyed your meal story/review and am shaking my head at your grocery(ies) story. People, man, people. The only buy-out I understood was the wine.

  8. Here in Floral Park (just outside of Queens) it as been snowing all morning. We have about 3 inches of fluffy powder
    I LOVE “Eating Authors”!
    We are as ready for the storm as anyone on Long Island can be. I filled the oil lamps, so we will have light, at least. There is no fireplace or wood stove in the house but the snow lower works! If it is GOING to S N O W , I would rather be home, in Maine.


  9. Oh, I didn’t get water. Well maybe I will just run a pot or two in case.

    The entire city of Salem is slightly hysterical. I stood in line at the Post Office for over an hour trying to mail some things. I wonder if everyone in line actually needed to be there today.

    The hardware store sold out of battery-powered lamps. I never lost power in a storm in Portland, but perhaps Salem has a different history. Or just more paranoia floating in on the wind.

  10. From what I’ve gleaned so far from my East Coast colleagues, the B&Ns near Baltimore are closing early and the closing shift folks have been called off. No word from the other locations yet, but I haven’t made my way through all the threads and am not likely to before naptime calleth.

  11. It’s been snowing intermittently in Central New York, but we’ve added several inches to what we already had, and the roads are NOT NICE. Glad to be home with the hubby, the cats and the wood stove.

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