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Yes, the Blizzard of Historic Proportions has reached the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  The snow is not heavy and wet, but light and fluffy.  This is a point in its favor.  However, it is SO light and fluffy, and the winds so fierce and steady, that it’s impossible to tell how much snow has actually fallen.  I’ve shoveled out the escape route twice — the first time, it was less than two inches on the (covered) deck, and up to my knees at the bottom of the stairs.  The second time, it looked to be about five inches on the deck and the snow at the bottom of the stairs was well above my knees.  In a couple minutes, I’ll be going out again, but a quick look at the deck reveals a depth of about five inches, so I’m sorta treading (frozen) water, here.

The just-in report from the Maine Weather Service tells us that we’re going to be experiencing Blizzard Conditions until 4 a.m.  In the meantime, the winds, which have been relentless, are going to be increasing in intensity.  I see that Manticus Rock, my Favorite Weather Station EVER, reported winds of 67 mph at noontime.  Of course, Manticus Rock is 23 miles into Penobscot Bay, where conditions are a mite rugged.  Here in land-locked East Winslow, the strongest wind measured so far is a measly 30 miles an hour.  Temps are 12F/-11C, with a windchill of -10F/-23C.

Nippy, ayuh.

In other good news, the power’s been steady as she goes.

I had planned on getting lots of  writing done, but the shoveling kind of takes it out of me, and I hadn’t exactly figured a two-hour nap into the day.  We shall see.

. . .and that? Was the bell reminding me that it’s time to go clear blizzard off the deck and the outside stairs.

How are conditions where you are?

6 thoughts on “Quick check-in”

  1. Outside the *other* Portland, we are dealing with morning dense fog–which has now lifted into the lower cloud deck. Drizzly rain possibilities later in the day. Our weatherbeans informed us that so far we only have about 30″ of snow up in the mountains for the season, instead of the nearly 100″ that comprises “normal”. If February doesn’t step up and deliver like it did last year, we have problems. (No, I just *cannot* enjoy a mild winter!)

  2. I’m glad to know that everyone up your way is hale and safe (or at least as much so as they were before the storm). As for me, nearly 16 years ago I moved south to avoid the snow. This means that I am feeling near frozen because it 47 DEGREES OUT THERE! Yes, I am a wimp!

    Take care up there in the frozen north!

  3. Yeah, I Have Learned not to correlate the weather buoy readings with readings inland. Been there, done that, turned on the motor, struck the sail, and headed for the dock.

    It may be 25 deg F in Owings Mills but it’s sunny and I’ve been listening to drips all day and much of the pavement is now dry, albeit scattered with salt.

    I’d be at work if it wasn’t for a major headache. It’s going on 7 days now and I gave in and called in.

  4. The wind slowed down for a bit, but then came back with a vengeance. The parking ban has been extended to Wednesday night, and schools will be closed again tomorrow. Can’t tell how much snow — some places have 2 feet or more, some are almost snowless because of the wind, not very many of those, though! Snow still falling. The plow has been down the street a couple of times but we aren’t a major path to anywhere so not likely to get too much attention yet. Glad to be indoors with power!

  5. It was quite sunny here today with a breeze and cold but we only got an inch or less of snow last night.
    Stay warm and hopefully well lighted! Next chance of the white stuff is on Thursday they say.

  6. Your best meal story made me smile … A nice treat after a delayed work day for 2 hr late Balt. Schools and report wrangling for deadlines from home. Of course, your writing is always a treat : )

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