Everybody talks about the weather

We here at the Cat Farm and the Confusion Factory currently rejoice in a Blizzard Warning.  The weatherbeans predict that between 8 and 24 inches of heavy snow will fall on us, depending on where the boundaries of Central Maine lie this time, and which way the — 50 mile-per-hour — winds blow.

The weatherbeans are being more than a little excited about this, using words that sound like “Potentially Historic Blizzard Taking Aim on New England” — which is all right for them, but I already have the merit badge for Surviving an Historic Winter Weather Event in New England.  I didn’t think there was going to be a re-do.

In any case, the Things are charging, and I’m considering how I’m going to handle large amounts of wet snow that’s mostly scheduled to fall overnight.  On the one hand, I’m not up for moving 24 inches of wet snow in one go.  On the other hand, I don’t think going out every couple hours on the overnight is a smart move, either.  Especially with that wind.  I may need to throw myself on the mercy of the plow guy, which I hate to do.  On the gripping hand, the plow guy is a strapping young feller, and I’m, err, not.

At least we don’t have to be anywhere in particular over the next couple days, and we have plenty of food and cat litter.

In other news, I’ve been writing,  not — as usual — as fast as I want to be writing, but things are moving in a forwarder direction, so I’m not going to complain.  Much.

Steve and I have been watching the second season of Columbo, in a casual fashion.  It strikes me that I may not have quite. . .appreciated Lt. Columbo’s. . .art, back when I was 18.  I’ll be talking about this a little more, I think, after I’ve considered some more.

Everybody stay safe, and warm, and dry.

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
42,199/100,000 OR 42.4% COMPLETE

“Two Standard days from now this bridge will be full up with big, stubborn woman, who’ll be wanting to talk to her captain, stat.”

6 thoughts on “Everybody talks about the weather”

  1. Up here in Eastern Ontario, we have not had a decent storm this Winter, thus far. Tons of cold, but not much snow. Wish you well with your upcoming snow event.

  2. Sharon,
    It is surprising to me that the “powers” that be do not see we are having more frequent occurrences of *historic* occurrence.
    For the sake of your fans, please, be on good terms with the plow guy, and stay safe and recuperating, (and writing!)and keeping the cat contingent …content.

  3. I second the request for you to be on good terms with your plow guy and for you to stay safely inside. Also, if you enjoy a good mystery series that will keep you guessing to the end, Midsomer Mysteries is a great BBC series.There are at least 15 seasons to watch. I am currently on season 13 and I haven’t grown tired of it yet.

  4. All I have heard all day is about your “historic” storm and all the snow I might get is a measly 1 inch. It has been blank blank cold but little snow. Stay warm and safe and don’t shovel it all at once many trips works well

  5. The Weatherbeans are threatening us with 6-12 inches of snow, but having promised 2-6 inches twice and not delivered, I won’t believe it till I see it. Hang in there, speak kindly to the plow guy, and keep the cats happy.

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