You can take all the tea in China; put it in a big brown bag for me

Today was a definite improvement over yesterday.

I have deleted GoogleTalk from my desktop, leaving Hangouts in sole possession of the field.  While I don’t necessarily think this is an improvement, at least I only get one message every time Steve sends a chat.

Also, when I went into town to gym this morning, I looked at my phone, and?

Chrome was installed, and it was working properly!

Fist pump!

I have not yet excised the non-updating, cephalopod version of Chrome on my desktop.  Perhaps I never shall. That’s probably safest.

In other news, I formatted our GOH speech, entered the changes we made last night during our first read-through, and did some writing.

I should probably do some more writing, but I’m beat.  Among the adventures of the day being an early — and noisy — visit from our lawn-guy, who took away the remains of the cedar tree, and sucked up all the leaves from the front lawn.  I believe I shall retire early to my couch and try again tomorrow.  This seems the course of reason, if not precisely valor.  Tomorrow’s work requires All New Words to be written, whereas today’s work was editing a chapter that had been excised from Dragon in Exile — just patting it into the shape of the new book, really.

And that?  Is all I got.


Today’s blog post title brought to you by Mr. Van Morrison:  Tupelo Honey

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
27,664/100,000 OR 27.66% COMPLETE

 “One naturally wishes one’s heir to accumulate accolades, but ‘least willing student in the history of the dance’ is not quite in the line of one’s fondest hopes.”

4 thoughts on “You can take all the tea in China; put it in a big brown bag for me”

  1. I have not yet excised the non-updating, cephalopod version of Chrome on my desktop. Perhaps I never shall. That’s probably safest

    It is not safest, unfortunately. Web browsers frequently have security compromises, and web standards are rapidly evolving. In addition to running the risk that the browser may not work with some web sites or may render pages incorrectly, running an old version of a web browser can expose your confidential information and present security problems. It is highly inadvisible 🙁

  2. I’m not using it; it’s sitting in a closet. I have installed a new, clean copy that updates and behaves as it ought. For the six times year that I actually use Chrome on the desktop. The goal here is to not break my desktop, since I need it in order to work. And the information I have is that the broken Chrome probably has its fingers in programs I need to function, and that uninstalling it will possibly break my desktop.

    So, yanno…

  3. One does what one must because the Universe will go on as it will, rather than the way in which we think it ought.

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