In which Monday happens on Tuesday

So, today kind of sucked, in the arena of tech.  The tech definitely won this round, but, if I’m not to be made looney by certain of the Unintended Consequences of today’s defeat, I’m going to have to go in again.

Possibly not until tomorrow.  Or the next day.

The thing seemed simple enough.  Google has been nagging me for months to stop using Google Talk, which I happen to like very much, and get with Hangouts.  I’d been resisting because Talk still worked and Steve and I use it to chat back and forth while we’re at work — him in his office, and me in mine.  Saves a lot of shouting back and forth, and doesn’t interrupt the flow of writing.

But!  We were wanting to practice our speech for PhilCon and Steve thought it would work out fine to do it via Hangouts video, so he asked me to install Hangouts.

Remember this:  The Goal was to install Hangouts.

Now, asyouknowbob, Hangouts is an add-on to Chrome.  Which I use as a backup browser, since I prefer Firefox for daily running around the net.

Well, it turns out that the Chrome on my machine was very old (33.0.Something), it would not accept the Hangouts add-on, and not only that, it wouldn’t update itself.  Also?  I couldn’t delete it from the control panel.  After much banging my head against the wall, which included removing Chrome from my tablet and my phone, in case there was a sync tether or something holding Chrome to the desktop, I just gave up and downloaded a new version of Chrome (version 38.Whatever) to the desktop, shoved 33.0.Something into a closet, and opened the new Chrome, which seems to work (knock wood) fine.  Then, I reinstalled Chrome on my tablet and phone.


I reinstalled Chrome on my tablet.  The phone will accept the download and installation, but all Chrome does when invoked is send out little error messages — Unfortunately Chrome has stopped — every six seconds FOREVER, and is completely unusable.  So.  No Chrome on the phone.  Which is a shame, because I really did use it on the phone.

Oh, well.  I guess I’ll have to hope that Firefox for Android has its act together.

At least, I have Hangouts now, right?


Except that I can’t seem to uninstall Google Talk.  Which means that every time Steve sends me a chat message, I get TWO — one in Talk and one in Hangouts, a situation guaranteed to drive me ’round the twist in very short order.

So, I’ll have to go back in.  But, like I say, not today.

Today, in addition to Warring with Technology, I finished an essay, and finished up the last few hundred words on Chapter Seven.  In a moment, I’ll be leaving y’all to your own devices so I can do the dishes and then Steve and I will practice our speech the Old Fashioned Way.

I do hope that all of you have had a. . .less fraught Tuesday.

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
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 “. . .and anyone who thinks that Master Trader yos’Galan will permit error or sloth from his heir, his apprentice, or anyone who is under his hand, must. . .must not know him very well!”

3 thoughts on “In which Monday happens on Tuesday”

  1. If you are talking about removing Google Talk from a tablet, if it was part of what the tablet manufacturer included as default apps then it may not be possible to uninstall it. But you should be able to “deactivate” it, depending on which version of Android it is. I did so about 4? years ago on one of my former tablets.

  2. Drat! Now I have to go a re-read enough to find the identity if the yos’Galan heir. I can’t recall it at all.Good thing I am not working this day, eh?

    Still hoping to hear if there will be a Friends of Liad brunch or such at PhilCOn. ??

  3. The problem with the Friends of Liad breakfast (it’s usually breakfast, so we can all get together before the crazy happens), is that it does still depend somewhat on when we’re expected to do what for whom officially. And we haven’t gotten our full schedule yet. It does look as if Saturday’s going to be pretty full, what with the Plushie Tea and the Principal Speaker speech, but if our first event is an 11:00 tea, then a Saturday breakfast is doable.

    On the other hand, if we have an early panel, that might not work out so well.

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