In which I am mighty

So!  The old, un-updating Chrome has been excised from my hard-drive. Everything else seems to be functioning as it ought.  I am, therefore, Officially Mighty, though what I mostly feel is exhausted.  Not that the operation itself was all that difficult, once undertaken, but the adrenaline rush was draining.

In other news, the other day I realized that all of the silly little mock-turtlenecks which are a staple of what I’m pleased to call “my wardrobe” have gotten. . .rather frayed.  And that there was a convention in my very near future.  So I went over to JC Penney online to see if they have amended their ways since the Old Boss got himself fired.  I had hopes that this was the case because I had, a couple of months ago, successfully purchased from them an pair of Saint John’s Bay Jeans in TALL, just like in Olden Times.

To my great joy, it happened that Penney had restocked the mock-necks in size Tall, and I bought three of them — red, grey, and blue-and-white stripe, because I like blue-and-white stripes, even if I am over 60 and no longer of a shape for stripes.  So I’m told.  I also bought — because I could! — a men’s long-sleeve t-shirt with a tiger on it, because I also like tigers.  Why nobody thinks to put tigers on women’s clothing is one of the Mysteries of the Universe.  They’d sell, like, a zillion of everything, if they did.

Anyhow, when the dust had settled (and I had talked myself out of buying two tiger t-shirts), the bill came to $59 (plus tax — free shipping on all orders over $50, so yay!  Again, I am Mighty).

The shirts came today.  And they still had the tags on them.

The tiger t-shirt retailed at $40(!).  Each of the mock-necks was marked at $22.  In total, $106 in merchandise.

I saved $47.

I am not only Mighty, I am a Shopping Goddess.

And!  Though I was expecting the shirts to arrive today via UPS, I was not at all expecting the arrival of the 2015 Moon Phase Calendar, so that was a pleasant little surprise on the day.

And now. . .the cat fountain has been cleaned, the house has been vacuumed.  Steve is taking on the task of making dinner which will, I’m told, Involve Tomatoes.

Time to get to work, I guess.


3 thoughts on “In which I am mighty”

  1. It must feel great, being a Mighty Shopping Goddess. When I’m lucky enough to order something that fits I feel quite triumphant too.

  2. You definitely encompass both tech foo and shopping foo.
    I should go look at Penneys myself – for the same reasons.
    (Not t-necks but other basics.)

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