Never mind the ship, me boys, there’s none of us here can save her

It snowed last night — about two inches of snow so wet that it was sliding off of the branches and the cars under its own weight.  I had a little stair-shoveling to do, but nothing too strenuous before I went into town.

Gym was unexpectedly crowded.  A bunch of the ladies who had come in earlier than I managed organized an expedition to Universal Bread after they were done working, this being Friday, which meant multigrain loaves!  I’m thinking they get points for the extra walk, ’round the corner, but I’m not sure how the bread factors into all that.  I managed to resist walking the walk, myself, this time, but only because I  knew we had a good loaf of black bread at home.

Speaking of gym, I don’t usually read the propaganda on the walls.  I know that we, as a community, support several local charities and an orphanage somewhere in Africa.  Today, there was a new letter on the wall — apparently, we sponsor a particular child in this orphanage, a little girl named Faith, who was born in 2009.  I read her bio, because — words! — and learned that she had early lost her parents due to civil unrest, and so was taken up by her grandmother, who was poorly herself.  Grandma, finding that her health prevented her from proper child care, gave Faith to the orphanage, where she excels at reading, and likes to sing.  So far, so good.  Then there were three little boxes.  One gave Faith’s birthday and place of birth.  The other gave personal data — height, weight, etc.  And the third gave her “state of salvation.”

And in that box were these words:  “Not saved.  Please pray that she will accept Christ into her life.”

Which. . .was not good.  In fact, the sheer, freaking arrogance of that kind of. . .took my breath.

I mean — she’s FIVE.  She hasn’t even reached the Age of Discretion, as we used to call it in Roman Catholicism.  You get a free pass as an “innocent” until you’re seven at least; for the hard stuff, you get longer still to come up to speed.

*deep breath*

At least Faith is getting three meals a day in a safe environment, and she’s being taught to read.  Those are good things, right?

And I’ll remember her in the evening candle, and pray for her to grow up into a strong and strong-minded woman who will protect and nurture those who come into her care.

Today’s blog post title comes to you from Steeleye Span:  Let Her Go Down

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