In which Winter arrives and the tank is dry

This morning, we arose from our rosy bower to an outside temperature of 16F/-9C and an inside temperature of 61F/16C.  We turned the thermostat up to 69F/21C, Steve started breakfast; I fed Mozart his breakfast; we sat down to eat; finished up; had a second cup of coffee and. . . it was still sorta cool in the house.

Steve looked at the thermostat, which was set on 69F but still reporting the whole-house temp of 61F.  It then dawned on both of us that we hadn’t heard the furnace actually come on, so Steve went downstairs to see if we had a malfunction.  The good news?  The furnace appears in good working order, as far as we can tell without it actually, yanno, coming on.  And the reason it hasn’t come on is?

We’re out of oil.

Completely out of oil.

I’m trying to remember if this has ever happened to us before.  Certainly, it hasn’t happened in the 24-or-so years we’ve been in this house, thanks to the wonders of automatic delivery.

Thinking back, now, I’m not remembering a delivery in. . .a couple months.  Which is what I’ll settle with Dead River Company on Monday (oh, joy!  a phone call.), since they’ve certainly been remembering to bill us every month.  For today, we called the Emergency Number, which isn’t easy to find, and have now spoken with Gary the Emergency Delivery Guy, who will be over “directly” to fill us up.

In other news, I have in my inbox this morning not one, not two, but THREE reminders from Various Organizations relating the joyous news that the open renewal period for ACA coverage starts today!  Which is lovely for them.  I?  Have no idea how we’re going to figure out next year’s health coverage, without having any idea what the final income figure for 2014 is.  We only have to cover Steve through July, when he transfers over to Medicare.  I suppose I can go without, if necessary, and pay the fine, though I really don’t like to tempt fate quite that much. . .


Now to put all that behind me and get the heck to work.

Everybody stay warm.  And healthy.

5 thoughts on “In which Winter arrives and the tank is dry”

  1. Yikes! They’ve billed you for oil they haven’t delivered? And, as you say, it’s 16 outside–not a time to have no heat. Glad your house is holding above freezing so far.

    We use propane (only kind of non-electric heating available here) and the company we used to use sold out to another one based in…I think…California, so we’re keeping a close eye on the propane tank.

  2. Well, we’re on The Budget Plan, which means we pay the same amount every month and catch up any discrepancy at the end of the year. The oil company’s part of the bargain is to deliver oil on the first Tuesday of every month, just like for the past 24ish years. Looks like that part broke down somewhere.

    Not looking forward to that Monday conversation with the Home Office.

    the company we used to use sold out to another one based in…I think…California, so we’re keeping a close eye on the propane tank.

    Eeep. And I complained when the home office moved from Waterville all the way down to Lewiston — 80 miles!

  3. the ACA fine for not having insurance goes up this year too. Tony swaps over in April, I think to Medicare.

  4. Long time fan and blog lurker here. Unsolicited thought… But do look into the supplemental insurance when switching to Medicare. My mother was accidentally discovered to have advanced cancer during a routine surgery this spring. She had the supplemental and it has made ALL the difference financially and several types of stress alleviated. Everyone has to weigh their resources and place their bets, but the secondary insurance piece has made such a positive difference in actual treatment options and my mother’s sense of financial stability.

    On a different note, thank you for your terrific Liaden and Carousel books. I have been buying your work since the mid nineties and always a treat!

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