In which the people have spoken

. . .and that’s that.

Yesterday, after having ourselves Spoken early at the polls, we decided to make a day of it, since a day doing Something was better than a day spent obsessively checking the news.  We therefore had breakfast at Governor’s before hitting the interstate and heading south, the mp3 player jacked into Kineo’s sound system so we didn’t have to listen to any more political ads.

I have learned that Kineo the Wonder Subaru will pop a discreet warning light when I have 75 miles left on my current tank of gas, which is good to know.  The range for the  tank is about 500 miles.  Which is not only good to know, but downright amazing.

Once we were actually in the South, we did some scoping out of the Sanford-Springvale-Rochester NH megaplex, had a nice, light lunch at Green Tea and come home by way of Wells and Kennebunkport.  I tried to get a photo of the seals on the rocky island off of Wells Beach, but — no luck.

For congoing folk:  Remember that Lee and Miller will be Principal Speakers at PhilCon.   We will not only be giving a speech — which is a thing I do but rarely, so you know you want to hear this one — but we will — rather, our traveling companions will be hosting a Teddy Bear Tea* on Saturday, November 22 at 11 a.m.  Coffee, tea, cookies will be served, so bring your favorite stuffed animal to share an hour of refinement, relaxation and camaraderie.

Even if you don’t like tea, or plushies, do plan on coming to PhilCon.  Artist GOH this year is Bob Eggleton; Special Guest is Kyle Cassidy.  In addition, dozens of other writers, and artists will be present.  There will be readings! panels! a dealers room full of all kinds of Amazing Stuff! and an art show to die for.

Really, you can’t miss this.

In Dragon in Exile news, there had been two requests.

One for a blurb/synopsis of the book.  Here’s that link (thanks to Chris Meadows for finding it).

Two for information about the availability of limited edition prints of the Dragon in Exile cover.  I wrote to Mr. Mattingly and he says that there will be prints available when he’s through with the final painting (Dragon in Exile will have a wrap-around cover, and he needs to finish up what will become the back panel).  When complete, the prints will be 13×19, formatted horizontally.  He estimates that he’ll be done with the final in two weeks.  If you’d like a print, you can write directly to David Mattingly at:  davidATdavidmattinglyDOTcom.

. . .and I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


*Not limited to Teddy Bears, all plushy friends are welcome.  Among the attendees of the Teddy Bear Tea at PenguiCon was a pink plush triangle wearing sunglasses.

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
16,310/100,000 OR 16.31% Complete

 Now, on Liad, they would say: There are fifty High Houses.

Now, on Liad, they would say: A Dragon does not change its nature.

6 thoughts on “In which the people have spoken”

  1. Sounds like a lovely day. We are receiving Water from the Sky (gratefully…1.2 inches so far, hoping for more) and eating Wrong Things because it is chilly and damp and we can. Working on NewBook (clearly need to do more serious research on some things, which will make the Research Committee very happy), taking breaks to finish the Mountain Colors socks. The Virginia Creeper outside has turned the peculiar dull rose it turns in fall before turning vivid red (if it doesn’t drop its leaves first–the rain will help.) Watching the thin slow rain land in the lily pond is…mesmerizing, except I have to straighten out the timeline of the first three chapters before I make the tangle worse.

  2. One wonders if Kineo is a hybrid?
    One also wonders which plushy she will escort to the Teddy Bear Tea. Maybe the Jomo Kenyatta clown I’ve had since we were evacuated from Sudan when I was 3? Ooo, maybe the book guardians from high school/college! They’re dragons, they’d appreciate it. I can talk them into not eating the teddy bears.

  3. Not a hybrid; just plain ol’ unleaded — not even premium unleaded.

    On a related note: I paid $2.99 for gas yesterday. I’ve been trying to remember the last time I spent less than $3.++ a gallon.

  4. It was $2.89 last weekend in Owings Mills. Mind you, it isn’t that cheap all over Maryland. I still saw $3+, heading back from the Sisters in Crime meeting at the East Branch Columbia Library.

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