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Yesterday was the 34th anniversary of our “legal” marriage.  Steve and I have now been married more than half of my lifetime and for more than half of his.

Didn’t see that coming.

So, anyway, yesterday, we did not celebrate, beyond a few extra “Thank yous,” but today we’re pulling out All! The! Stops!  and going into town to catch the Very First Showing of Hero Number Six (hey is that the theme from “The Pink Panther” in the scene with the cop?)!

But the festivities don’t stop there!  After the movie — the 2D matinee — we will Dine Out.  The jury’s still out on Where Exactly we will dine out, but there are several fine eating establishments in town to choose from.

And after that?

Hey, I don’t tell you guys everything.

All of this to say that I’ll be electron-free today.

Y’all have fun.

Today’s title comes to you from The Beatles:  When I’m Sixty-Four

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
20,456/100,000 OR 20.46% Complete

“In the meantime, I wonder, Pilot, if you will answer some questions for me.”

“Do my best,” he said, like his stomach hadn’t kind of cramped up, hearing that. “Understand that I don’t know the answers to all the questions.”

“Oh, yes, I do understand that,” she said. “Before we begin, let me request that you not lie to me. If you do not wish to answer a question, simply refrain from doing so.”

7 thoughts on “Send me a postcard, drop me a line”

  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and Thank you for being such a great example of marital bliss! May you enjoy many more years together.

  2. Congratulations! 34 years together is a wonderful accomplishment –especially in this day & age. Truly something to be proud of!! I hope you two had a delight-full day!

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