Who put the penny in the fuse box?

Thanks to everyone for their timely suggestions regarding timepieces!  I have Ebayed, and a new watch will be with me next Tuesday (Monday being, of course, a bank-and-post-office holiday.  Do you know where your Christopher Columbus costume is?)

A couple people asked if I just can’t have the crystal replaced — which was, in fact, my first thought, coming as I do from a generation where things that got broken were repaired.  The local jewelry repair shop, however, threw up its hands and claimed there was nothing to be done; and the Dakota warranty only covers the watch’s innards, not the band, clip, crystal, or stem.  Something to bear in mind the next time you buy a Dakota watch.

In the meantime, I’m moving forward with an Archers Beach short story, and will likely be posting an outtake from Carousel TIDES (that’s the first book in the trilogy) on Splinter Universe sometime later today, just to get us all in the mood for Carousel SEAS (that’s the third book in the trilogy.  For completists, Carousel SUN is the middle book.)

SPEAKING OF CAROUSEL SEAS:  Time’s running out to preorder your very own signed and/or personalized copy.  Here’s how to do that.

Everybody caught up?


I’m off to do some housekeeping, including the ever-popular left-handed vacuuming, since my right hand is still kicking up a fit.

What’re you doing that’s fun today?


13 thoughts on “Who put the penny in the fuse box?”

  1. Columbus day, “Why is this still a thing?” Thanks to John Oliver I’ll never be able to live through another one without hearing this in my head.

    Hope the watch is great. This weekend is heading to lovely western North Carolina. Alas , no cats live where I am going.

  2. Unfortunately, we do not get Columbus Day off. So off to work I will go on Monday. sigh. I don’t even like mr Christopher.

  3. Monday will also be Canadian Thanksgiving. We don’t have enough occasions to have turkey dinners, so I’ve got to figure how to manage a turkey dinner for one without enough leftovers to last until U S Thanksgiving at the end of November.

  4. I also work Monday but since Columbus was a jerk, I don’t mind.
    Glad to hear of the timely intervention.

  5. Which one of our local jewelers did you try? I had a smashed crystal that Day’s “expert” claimed was impossible to fix after three tries over the course of two months. Larsson’s cut the oddly shaped crystal and installed it three days.

  6. Pat,turkey breast tenders or even half a turkey breast (depending on how well you like turkey leftovers) will work beautifully. Use your slow cooker if you have one.

  7. When my wrist/hand/fingers do that, it’s too much thyroid medicine. Hope it all clears up quickly.

  8. Pat: Even before my parents passed away, they were generally away hunting at this time of year when I need TURKEY, DAMMIT! so I have had many years of addressing the single person and Thanksgiving dilemma. Some options I have tried over the years: 1) roasting a chicken with all the trimmings and pretending it’s a turkey, 2)buying a turkey breast and leg, boning them out and trussing them around a blob of stuffing to roast (looks like a rugby ball, costs more than buying an actual turkey, but very tasty) 3)cooking the full turkey dinner and inviting a bunch of stray friends over (most in keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit) 4)cooking the full turkey dinner and inviting myself over to non-cook friends houses with it (avoids having to clean house and get out the fancy table cloth) and finally the ever-popular 5)arranging a potluck dinner with several friends where the cooking is shared out (this year I am contributing honey-baked squash, mashed potatoes and brandy/orange cranberry sauce) The year I had no turkey at all was just blah. Dinner featured a nice, fresh homegrown cauliflower and my housemate (hedgehog) had a nice, fresh homegrown cauliflower caterpillar, but it just wasn’t a proper Thanksgiving.

  9. My family’s solution to the Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Dilemma is to have ribs. We make them official by letting an actual Canadian do the grilling, for which we thank him.

  10. A nice, fresh homegrown cauliflower caterpillar! I’m going to be giggling for days. Thank you for taking some of the ick factor out of cabbage worms. Now all I need is a hedgehog …

  11. Turkey makes my freezer feel loved. I buy six turkeys near Thanksgiving when they are about 50 cents a pound. I cook one every other month with the 2 hour turkey method and freeze the bones for soup then freeze 1/2 the meat with veggies as lunches to take to work and the rest of the meat is eaten fresh or frozen in dinner size bags.
    Here’s the recipe if you haven’t tried the 2 hour method yet.

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