In which Noah’s Ark burned down on July 19, 1969

. . .this may become relevant later.

So, I have a funny problem, which is that I can’t wear wristwatches — can’t really abide anything close around my wrists, anymore, including button-down sleeves and tight jerseys.  The wristwatch thing, though, that’s been a problem for years, which I had long ago solved by purchasing clipwatches, which I would then clip to the right-hand-front-hip belt loop of my jeans/slacks.

This has, as I said, worked for many years.  Except not anymore.  I’ve managed to smash the face crystal on my last two watches in record time — and I don’t even know how I’m doing it.  I’ll clip the watch on, go about my business, look down, the watch is fine, look down again, maybe a couple hours later, and the glass is cracked.

The first watch I did in by this magic process had been with me for some while, and was a cheap watch when I bought it.  I was sad, because I liked the watch, but it’s not like it owed me anything.

The watch I just defaced, though, was barely a year old — an expensive Dakota clip with a light, that I bought on clearance, so instead of $60, it was — what?  $40?  I figured it would last me a good long time, being rugged and all, and, to be fair, its crystal isn’t smashed anywhere near as comprehensively as the glass over the first watch.  But, still, hardly the sort of thing you want to wear out in company — and it happens that I’m going to be out in company at the end of next month, so. . .

Does anyone have a line on a clipwatch with a blast-glass crystal, or, I dunno, a cover?  Any tips on how to generally protect a watch on a clip from getting smashed while in the line of duty?

In other news, Trooper has apparently decided to make a push to be Boss Cat.  Let’s just say that Scrabble is not on-board with this game plan.

Thunderstorms rolled over the Cat Farm on the overnight, which meant No Eclipse for Us, but we have a consolation prize — my favorite kind of day:  cloudy, blowy, damp, and oceany.  Windows are open all over the house.

And, now, it’s time to get back to work.

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  1. heve you thought of the nurses watches, which pin to your chest? Those are cool, but I’ve also seen them come as a pendent which you can attach to a (sturdy) necklace.

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