Mail call

So today’s mail brings three catalogs, HearthSong, Woolwich, and American Girl, by which the scariest, by far is American Girl, the most interesting is HearthSong, and the most useful is Woolwich.

Interestingly enough, the American Girl catalog (which horrifies me) and the HearthSong catalog (which pleases me greatly) have an item in common:  A ceiling tent made of sparkly semi-see-through material.  They differ in detail — the American Girl tent included pillows and was blue-and-silver; the HearthSong tent was a seasonal orange with green trim, and came with a cluster of led lights, also in orange and green, to hang at the apex of the tent; pillows not included.

Now, I just might have to get me one of these.  JoAnn’s, after all, sells sparkly material of all kinds, and I can get a knock-off HulaHoop at the Dollar Store — led lights, too.  Pillows are easy; in fact, I probably have enough pillows on-hand,  just need some bright covers.  Mmmmm, pillow corner.

Of course, after I made it, it would be preempted by the cats, but still. . . pillow corner.

Today’s mail also brings the signing checks for the Atlantis Verlag German edition of Carpe Diem, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, which is not only pleasing, but well-timed.

On the Actually Writing front, I’m about half-way through the Archers Beach short story commissioned for the Baen website.  Not at all the story I thought I was going to write last year, when I signed the contract, but a good story; I’m pleased with voice, character, and direction.  With luck and a tailwind, I’ll finish it today, then let it sit a couple days before rereading and revising.  And coming up with a title, of course.

First, though, I need to go into town and take care of some errands.

Here, have some cat pictures to keep you company while I’m gone:

I have mentioned before Scrabble’s considerable choreographic skills. I’m pleased to report that she has a new dance under construction.

Dance under construction
Dance under construction

Yesterday was, of course, Royal Justice Day.  Here we have Princess Jasmine Sprite ready to hear the commoners:

Princess Sprite at work
Princess Sprite at work


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  1. Everything that’s yours is the cats’…just like everything I own my dog thinks is his. Even the stuff I won’t let him have. Chocolate for example.

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