This just in!

The proofs for Carousel Seas, the Thrilling Conclusion to the Archers Beach Carousel Trilogy by Sharon Lee, that started with Carousel Tides, and continued in Carousel Sun, just landed in my inbox!

What this means to you — yes, you! — is that the eARC of this long-awaited novel should be available for purchase on the Baen site realsoonnow.

You know what to do, I think?


I’ll be over here, finishing a short story.

2 thoughts on “This just in!”

  1. I’ll be impatiently waiting for a dead-tree issue, thanks for the note.

    Seeing this note about the eARC, reminds me that Baen will also be publishing “1 of 5” aka Dragon in Exile in the not too distant future.

    Although, your books do tend to work well stand-alone. I was wondering if you might suggest re-read of select Liaden novels that would aid in the enjoyment of the new book?

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