Did YOU win a free Audible edition of Carousel Sun?

Check the list below to find out if you’re a winner, and then come on back to the top for the methodology and instructions for collecting your code.

The Methodology:  The names of all contestants were written on slips of paper, which were folded and placed into a Duro 6 brown paper bag, manufactured on Jul 26 14, serial number EL 26 B.  The open top edge of the paper bag was folded over, twice, and vigorously shaken.  Trooper then rubbed his cheek over the bag’s exterior, for luck.

Famous SciFi Author Steve Miller, dressed in a glittery red sequined dress, with matching red high heels then tantalizingly withdrew ten slips of paper from the bag, reading each name in a sultry, yet innocent, voice, much to the approval of Sprite, who was watching from her perch on the file cabinet.

I took those ten slips of paper and compiled the list below.

How to collect your prize: If you are, indeed, one of the lucky winners listed below, this is what you need to do to receive your coupon code.

1.  Write to me at sharonleeATkorvalDOTcom from an email address where you regularly receive mail.  Tell me which name on the list below is yours.

2.  Do #1 above BEFORE noon EDT on Friday, September 19 — that’s this Friday!

3.  If I still have coupon codes in hand at Noon-O-One on Friday, September 19, I will post another list here, of second-tier winners, with instructions for claiming the prizes.

That’s it.


EDITED TO ADD:  One lucky winner had forgotten, in her enthusiasm, that she already owned a copy of Carousel Sun.  She has asked that her code be given to someone else.  Sprite was pressed into service and pulled one! more! slip of paper from the paper bag, and the name of the new winner has been added to the list below.

The Lucky Winners

1.  Elizabeth Moon
2.  Dawnmoonflower
3.  Alain Roy
4.  Danielle E.
5.  Elaine Walker
6.  Kathy Ferrando
7.  Tina Black
8.  Bobbie Marcus
9.  Susan Kelly
10.  Joyslin

Steve would not let me take a picture of him in his sexy gown, here’s a picture of Trooper, instead:

Trooper oversees the selection of winners
Trooper oversees the selection of winners


One thought on “Did YOU win a free Audible edition of Carousel Sun?”

  1. I would have paid good money to see a video clip of THAT process! I did not know that Steve was camera shy.

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