They say you gotta stay hungry


by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Approximately 129,659 words

September 15, 2014

That is a wrap.  The novel has been emailed to Madame the Editor and is now officially Her Problem.

For those playing along at home, Dragon in Exile is, according to the Card File of Notoriety, the 67th piece of collaborative fiction Lee and Miller have committed.  It may also be the hardest novel we’ve ever written, but it’ll take a few days in the Objective Zone to fully decide that.

Right now, my head is full of wet spaghetti, and I’m exhausted, as is Traditional.  Unfortunately, I really can’t go to sleep right now, though there’s nothing that says I can’t sit on the porch and doze in the sun, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I will be contacting the winners of the Carousel Seas Birthday Surprise Contest  tomorrow, Monday, September 15.  Thank you for your patience.

 Today’s blog title is brought to you by Mr. Bruce Springsteen.  Here’s your link.

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