Monday cat spam

This is what happens after writers turn in their book and before their brains grow back.

Cat spam!

A kind friend sent me a Quillow for a birthday present.  If you, like me, were heretofore ignorant of Quillows, they’re quilts with an integral pocket that you can fold the quilt up into, creating — a pillow!  Mine was on the couch yesterday when I retired there from dozing on the porch.  I started in to reading, but got cold.  The Quillow was right there, so I unfolded it and snuggled in.

When Steve called me for dinner, I left the quilt where it was, because Sprite had joined me and was still dozing.  And I forgot to put it away before I went to bed.  No worries, though; it’s still getting plenty of use:

The sunspot and the Quillow, with coon cats.
The sunspot and the Quillow, with coon cats.

Meantime, Mozart was enjoying his fleece-y blanket on top of the file cabinet in my room, with plenty of reading matter to paw.

Mozart, with books.
Mozart, with books.

2 thoughts on “Monday cat spam”

  1. I love seeing the coon cats. I especially love seeing those two all sleepy eyed and snuggled up.

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