Audible Hidden Gem For Members AND Non-Members!

This just in!

Liaden Universe® novel, Fledgling is, for One Week Only! being showcased as an Audible Hidden Gem!  This means that, from now until Saturday, May 17, at 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time, you — any and all of you, whether you’re an Audible Member or only an Innocent Bystander — can purchase the complete, unabridged audiobook, narrated by the incomparable Eileen Stevens, for a mere $3.95!

Here’s your link.

What makes this especially exciting, of course, is that Fledgling is a portal book into the Liaden Universe® that can be read without any previous knowledge of any other book in the universe. It’s also suitable for the YA science fiction reader of your acquaintance.  So, this is like, win/win/win.

Please do share this with all of your friends.

Thank you!

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