In which the author looks for guidance in goofing off some more

I’ve been seeing a lot of squee about Winter Soldier, and! it so happens that I still have two matinee admissions left on my Flagship Cinema gift card.  I’m drawn to the squee, but. . .not Cap’s biggest fan here, so I’m torn.  Have you seen Winter Soldier?  What did you like about it (as reasonably as you can without spoilers)?  Do you think there’s enough Other Stuff/Characters to carry the movie for someone who’s lukewarm (at best) on Captain America?

In other, completely unrelated news, the blurb for Carousel Seas is now up at Amazon — here’s the link — from which we learn, among other things, that Carousel Sun is/was a National Bestseller, according, I’m thinking, to Bookscan.  Which is nice to know.

In that same vein, and for those who did not read it elsewhere, Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 2 appeared in the Locus Bestseller List for Trade Paperbacks reported in the April issue, at Number Two, just behind Fahrenheit 451.

Thank you all, because we surely couldn’t have achieved either of those list without you.

Here at the Cat Farm, it’s warm again, and sunny, but we’re not going to the ocean.  I’ve done the dishes, and groomed the cats, and other Sunday chore sorts of things and in a couple minutes, I’ll be turning off the intertubes and getting down to work.

Hope y’all are having an enjoyable weekend.


5 thoughts on “In which the author looks for guidance in goofing off some more”

  1. If like when things blow up? Go see it.

    If you like Robert Redford? Go see it.

    If you like elaborately choreographed fight scenes. Go see it.

    If you are lukewarm on Captain America. Don’t go see it.

    Did I mention things blow up?

  2. Black Widow, Nick Fury, new character, new character, Maria Hill, all quite good.
    I like Cap more after seeing this and was not a big fan prior.
    Also, if you watch ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ you’ll want to see this (or succumb to spoilers) before the next episode.

  3. Not a Captain fan..yet? Might be after this one. Lots of guns.. They have lots of ammo. And things that go boom….and some nice parallels to recent data mining activities of various corps and depts of gov. And even a few philosophical hmmmmms that come up after the booms and fights have moderated in memory. Oh..and Robert Redford..hubbahubba!!

  4. The movie winds up playing out like a mystery/thriller, in addition to a kick-butt action movie. I ended up liking the Captain a lot more than I had, but all the characters were well developed and had their moments to shine. I thought it was one of the best Marvel movies to date.

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