And not only that!

Steve reminds me that today! is Book Day for the mass market edition of Necessity’s Child!

So, those who’ve read/listened to previous editions, you want to tell people who may have been hanging back, not sure that they want to read a book that’s not in the “main line” why they should give Necessity’s Child a chance?  No spoilers, please.


7 thoughts on “And not only that!”

  1. The protagonist is learning about a new (to him) world at the same time that the reader is. There’s swordfights, and gypsies, and no, it’s not a kissing book.

  2. This book is wonderful and you get to know Nova better. Also all the books weave together and you get to see the changes coming to Surebleak!

  3. This is a book that will open up a new galaxy of possibilities for a new reader. It will become like eating popcorn. Read this book and you will be scrambling to read the rest of the books in this galaxy!

  4. Rom in space, how cool is that? Two cultures and two kids learning about their world together.

  5. Herein lies adventure, heroism, a fascinating culture of gypsy people, and young people on a voyage of discovery, all with a bit of romance woven throughout, like sugar sprinkles on ice cream. Enjoy!

  6. Imagine a Romney teenager entering a Japanese culture. Imagine this character is bright and funny and very competent but neither arrogant or self-effacing. Now imagine that it is one part of a story in a huge space opera – but works as a stand alone. Be careful though, if it is your first book in the Universe you could find yourself on a reading binge. I’ve bought these in Trade Paperbacks when the series was virtually impossible to find, paperbacks, ebooks and in audible.

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