Six questions you must answer me, and I will ask them all

A disordered list of stuff, because I’m feeling disordered this morning.

1.  The Nebula Ballot has been announced.  Here’s your link.  Congratulations to all the nominees!

2.  If you’ve read Carousel Sun, please consider placing a review on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, &c.  I’m grateful to those who have already taken the time to review.  If you aren’t comfortable writing a review, please consider recommending Sun and Tides to your genre-reading friends (books make great gifts!).

2a.  Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore still has signed copies of Carousel Sun in stock, as well as many other Lee-and-Miller titles.  Here’s your link.

3.  If you’ve read Necessity’s Child, please consider writing a review for it, as above.  Thank you.

4.  The National Carousel Association’s 2014 Convention will visit ten carousels in the NYC area, including Jane’s Carousel, the Central Park Carousel, and more!  Here’s your link.

5.  It snowed last night, about an inch.  Today it’s slightly sunny, but cold.

6.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday.


5 thoughts on “Six questions you must answer me, and I will ask them all”

  1. I became a Great Big Sea fan when I picked one of their CDs up out of sale bin, a decade or more ago (Boskone was still being held in Framingham, and we were still with Meisha Merlin, because I remember talking to Christine Schuman about GBS fandom at the MM party). Wonderful music, anyway.

    They came to Waterville a couple years ago, and I called tickets to the show for my birthday present. Sadly, from my point of view, they were close enough to home territory that the entire population of Newfoundland came down for the show, and sang along with every song, and performed Fan Rituals, and danced (the venue was the opera house — not a lot of room for dancing), and it kind of took away from my enjoyment of the music.

    It has been noted before that I’m an Old Stickinthemud.

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