The Mozart Report

As I write this, Mozart is at the animal hospital in Waterville, undergoing evaluation.

After his last vet visit, before the new year, we had seen some improvement in his appetite due to the vet’s Magic Pills.  Unfortunately, he did not continue to rally, but stopped eating the vet-sent food altogether, then stopped eating chicken baby food, then refused turkey baby food…beef and ham baby food were still acceptable, but he really wasn’t interested to eating much of either.  Occasionally, he would take a crunchy or two, and a sip of water.  Mostly, he wanted to lie in His Corner in my office, kind of stretched on his side, with his eyes open — not sleeping, and not at all restful-seeming.

So, I made an early call, the vet said to bring him in, and so we did, braving the -8F/-22C temperatures, and the small drift of flakes out of the sky, which one set of weatherbeans seem to think is going to become a blizzard by this afternoon.

The hope at this point is that the x-rays and a repeat blood test will give us some idea of what’s going on, and if he’s in pain.  He had actually gained some weight since Monday.  Given that he hasn’t actually been eating that much, the vet is concerned that this is fluid retention, which might indicate something new, and not good, going on with his kidneys.

So, on hold here at the Cat Farm.

12 thoughts on “The Mozart Report”

  1. well spoot! Please get better, Mozart! You are so well-loved and we want you to stay with us happy and healthy for some time yet!

  2. Don’t they just worry you so when they can’t tell you what is wrong!! I really hope that you will find a fix soon.
    Regards to you all..


  3. Come on, Mozart, pull yourself together. You’re distracting your People from their work! And we need for them to work!

    We just drove through the snow to take Rudi in for a dental checkup that was scheduled a month or so ago. After we left him off, of course, we had to stop at the nearby diner for a Large Breakfast to give us the fortitude to drive home.

  4. Poor Mozart and poor Morzart’s people. Hopefully they will get him fixed up right and tight and sent home with this episode an unpleasant memory very soon. The von Fuzzybottoms will snuggle and play to send healing his way tonight.

  5. My Mozart woke from his morning nap long enough to wish your Mozart the fastest and easiest possible healing. Me, too.

  6. That’s rough, i’m sorry. I hope something can be found that will help him perk up. It’s a really hard place to be in.

    Back in my old cat days we had a hyper-thyroid situation, and the girl who could Never Get Enough Food had a total loss of appetite, even with pills. For a while she’d take rotisserie chicken tidbits, then not even that. One day i tried organic raw ground turkey. That, she would eat. The cheaper non-organic stuff, nope. So for months i was at Whole Foods twice a week having them fill plastic tubs (the meat guys laughed at me, but it was better than taking a spoonful at a time out of paper wrapping….)

    Wishing all of you well!

  7. The waiting and worrying is so hard on all sides! Best wishes for all of you!

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