And home again

Mozart is back home.  The tests today showed that the kidney levels are indeed up.  The vet gave him a painkiller, after which he ate a little bit of regular gooshy food.  So, we have him back, with painkillers, and instructions to feed him whatever he’ll eat, and call tomorrow with a progress report.

So…I’m not sure we’ve made any forwarder progress, here…


6 thoughts on “And home again”

  1. Continuing to send him and you both good thoughts. Here’s hoping for a return to health and enjoyment of life!

  2. The vet thinks, but cannot substantiate, that there may be some ulceration along the esophagus. I have to bow to his greater experience, here. In any case, lacking a good, non-invasive way to actually see down a cat’s esophagus, the idea is that, if there is pain, that may be preventing Mo from eating, even if he’s hungry. So, treat the probability of pain, see if the cat eats.

  3. Good theory. I can attest to not wanting to eat because it hurts to swallow. Chemo left me with some esophagial neuropathy. It is very painful and not expected to get better. I have given up coffee, alcohol, carbonation and fun in order to nourish the rest of my body adequately. Turns out that chemo therapy is not really good for you. go figger.
    I hope Sir Mozart feels betterer RSN

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