Blustery Friday

Man it’s cold.  Also, it snowed.  Not, thank ghod, very much; somewhere over Massachusetts, the wind got tired of toting All That Weather, and let it go all at once.  I hear they expect to have Boxford dug out by August.

Up here at the Cat Farm, we have about six inches/15cm of light, broomable snow.  We have officially lost the bottom two stairs in the flight from the driveway to the deck.  If it snows any more, we’ll lose the third.  I expect that Snowplow Hill (being the hill made by the snowplow when it pushes all the snow from the driveway into one place) to come even with the decking today.

With the exceptions of sweeping whatever more snow settles on the deck and the remaining steps, and moving the cars for the plowman, when he cometh, I believe I’ll stay in.

What with the various catmergencies, I have been remiss in letting the world know that my author’s copies of Carousel Sun have arrived; and they’re beautiful! I’m guessing that means I can look for the pre-ordered books for Uncle Hugo soon — perhaps even today!

I have in hand from the Uncle a list of the people who wanted their books personalized, with personalizations, so that part of Our Clever Plan worked out Just Fine.  Thank you all!  And remember, you can still pre-order signed copies of Carousel Sun, right here.

Mozart thanks everyone for their well-wishes; he has been having some gooshy food, in-between naps, and seems generally pleased to be home.  Even if Sprite wants to sleep on his head.


One thought on “Blustery Friday”

  1. So glad Mozart is doing better! As I write this my hand is is being captured by my little Shan (Ruddy Aby cat) he loves to catch my stylus as I type, so a 5 second message turns into a 5 min. Message! LOL!

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