The writer at work, with attending muse

It’s been a leisurely start to the new year, including a long and far-ranging discussion with Steve over coffee, and Princess-snuggles.  I revised yesterday’s pages, and now I need to move on to some other mundane chores before coming back later to open Chapter Eight.  For those who keep track of such things, One of Five now stands just about 27,000 words high.  That’s 106 manuscript pages.

For those who come to this blog entry from Facebook, remember that I will not see any comments left on my wall, since I must and will cut back on the time I’ve been spending there.  You’re welcome to leave comments at The Blog Without a Name (this is a moderated venue, so it may take some for your comment to show up), or at Eagles Over the Kennebec, using either your FB or LJ logins.

I hope that you welcomed in the new year with joy and moderation,  and that this first day of 2014 is the beginning of an entire year of health, prosperity, and happiness.

And yes, I did promise a muse, in the title of this blog post.  Here is Trooper, editing One of Five:

Trooper, Musing for all he's worth. Photo by Sharon Lee
Trooper, Musing for all he’s worth.
Photo by Sharon Lee

5 thoughts on “The writer at work, with attending muse”

  1. love your blog and the cat pictures, I share the pictures with Sandy!
    Have a Happy New Year

  2. May this New Year be filled with Blessings for All those of your household! I find the little basket in which Trooper resides, to be charming. I find myself with custodianship of a family member’s cat, who was much confused to find herself forsaken. Her presence unbalances a previously ordered herd of 3 cats. I used copy paper box lids to impose a sense of territorial order, on a section of desk. But they’re so BIG. Maybeso I’ll keep an eye out for similar baskets.

  3. Yay! I love the photos of your furry muses going about their business. Glad to read that the day has been warm and productive for you both. Happy New Year to you and Steve and the fuzzy muses!

  4. I guess my brain has temporarily shut down……how do I make sure I see your blog and you see my comments if the only social media I am currently using is facebook?


  5. I’ll tell Twitter that there’s a new blog post up, like I did this morning. Twitter will tell FB, like it did this morning. You’ll see the link on my wall, click it, and Viola! (or do I mean Cello?), you will come to the newest blog entry, as you did, just now, which you may then read and/or comment upon.

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