The Tomorrow Log

The Tomorrow Log, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, was released only! hours! ago! as an audiobook.  Here’s the link.

And, here’s the synopsis:

Meanwhile, on another side of the Universe. . .Meet Gem ser Edreth, a wizard with electronics — and a freelance thief. Deliberately solitary, unencumbered by family or friends, he immerses himself in his profession, rising to a pinnacle of skill so exalted that the planetary crime boss seeks him out with a commission to steal.

 Refusing the commission is his first mistake.

 Gem’s hidden past proves an unexpected liability and his plans to leave the planet go catastrophically awry. Suddenly embroiled in interplanetary politics, a potential interstellar war, and in possession of an ancient object of power and an unwanted cousin, Gem discovers that the mysterious Witness for the Telios may hold the key to his salvation — or his undoing.


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