Mark your calendars

Remember!  On October 15 — hey that’s next Tuesday! — Baen will be serving up “Out of True,” by Lee and Miller on its front page.  That’s right, free story!

Here’s a taste:

Squithen was gone from the forest clearing, which was good. The stench of the recent carnage was starting to reach him now and had it reached her she’d been here still, covering her nose as well as her eyes, counting or vocabing, one or the other.

That’s October 15, at, front page, below the fold.


. . .In other news, I finished proofing the galleys for A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 2



One thought on “Mark your calendars”

  1. So the numbers on Constellation Volume one mean Volume two is a go fer shure?? I am so glad! The various short stories were all unavailable to me by the time I heard about them, so I was delighted to get Constellation 1 and get caught up with some invaluable back-story and just generally have an opportunity for a bit of extra wallow in the Liaden Universe. Greatly looking forward to volume 2.

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