Poor men wanna be rich; rich men wanna be kings

So, about a month ago, Eric Williams was kind enough to send me a print of the cover art for Carousel Sun.  I took it to Framemakers to be framed — and it came back into my possession on Friday.

It looks nice.  Really nice.

But here’s the thing — I long ago ran out of space to hang paintings.  In fact, the cover art for Carousel Tides (also created by Eric) is kinda of hanging — well, see for yourselves:

The wall of All The Things, over in my office
The wall of All The Things in my office

…yeah, it’s a little crowded.  Clearly, no room to hang the sister painting there, right?  Also?  Not only is there going to be a third Carousel cover, which I also hope to acquire, frame and hang, the cover art for Necessity’s Child, which was removed from the living room wall by order of the cats so there was room for their new, primo, cat tree?  Has never been re-hung, so I  — you see where this is going, right?

Because, so I said to Steve, there’s plenty of room to hang pictures over my desk.  All I have to do is shift some things around.

For your information, this is what the wall over my desk looks like:

The uncluttered wall over my desk.
The uncluttered wall over my desk.

Because, I said to Steve, there’s room over the Narbonic strip for all those little things.

Here’s the Narbonic strip.  Imagine about 18 inches between the top of the frame and the ceiling:

The wall to the right of my desk.
The wall to the right of my desk.

So, here’s what I want to hang on the wall over my desk:

Three for a-hangin'
Three for a-hangin’

. . .plus, I want to keep the Red Birds, and Kevin Dyer’s tree, and I have to leave room for the third Carousel picture.

No problem, right?

No, really — you can laugh; it’s fine.  If this show wasn’t low-budget, I’d cue the laugh-track myself.

And the bitter irony is?  That Steve, who has very fine spatial understanding, and who very well knows that this whole project can only end in tears, will get pulled into it against his better judgement and wind up making it work.

As he has done, many, many times before.

. . .I’m thinking I’d better make a pre-emptive Devil’s food cake.  What d’y’all think?



8 thoughts on “Poor men wanna be rich; rich men wanna be kings”

  1. I do love the Carousel Sun cover. From the shot you posted, there is plenty of room over your desk. It’s just a matter of arranging.

  2. For this I would push for Quick After Battle Triple Chocolate Cake.

    Possibly with extra chocolate.

  3. As a person who is spacially deficient and often have objects invade my space, particularly books and musical instruments, I totally feel for you.

  4. Maybe you could build a Poster Hanger for pictures near your desk. Kinda like the Poster displays at stores where you flip through to find the one you want. Most current to the front….or get a bigger wall. 😉

  5. I vote for
    #1 Cake, yes
    #2 Smaller Pictures
    #3 A HANDY Photo album for that what don’t fit on the wall.
    #4 More wall space. yup

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