There’s not one Scot will mourn the loss of ye

Well, the Big News here is that my yoga instructor told me today that I’m ready to go on to the next level of yoga, if I’m willing to stretch myself.  So to speak.  I don’t think I’ve ever been told that I was ready to move on to the next level of anything, so, yay! Yogi Rolanni!

Understand, this would be a move from Gentle Yoga to Foundation Yoga — think ascending from kindergarten to first grade — and I’m not going to do any switching around of the Schedule-in-Place until we get back from the book tour — which may be gaining one more stop, in Maine.  Watch the skies for more information on that!

After yoga, and stopping at the town office to fill out my absentee ballot, and, also, errands — honestly, where do all these errands come from?  I can’t imagine how I had time to fit a day-job into my schedule — Steve and I decided to be grasshoppers and to dine at Jin Yuan on Temple Street.  We had between us a crab rangoon/egg roll plate and pepper beef — and still brought leftovers home.  After, as we took a small walking tour of downtown, somehow two mini-cannoli snuck into our pockets, which we dealt with properly upon our arrival home, thus making it a Truly International Day.

I believe I may have been remiss in reporting Trooper’s acquisition of A Box.  Apparently, he had been wanting a box; possibly he had even requested a box, but the new Thumbs are a little dense.  In any case, he finally took matters into his own paws, and adopted a box.

As you can see, it’s a little snug for him:

Trooper inna box
Trooper inna box

…but we don’t dare try to take it away from him:

The dragon is IN
The dragon is IN


2 thoughts on “There’s not one Scot will mourn the loss of ye”

  1. Perhaps you could persuade him that if the box was turned on its side it would still be the same box but it would fit better??…

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