My office, I have it back

My office had gotten into a terrible state, what with several stacks of file boxes that had been shoved into corners “temporarily” celebrating the second anniversary of their tenancy this tax season.  Steve helped me carry them all down to the basement, where they’re now happy among their kin.

After the boxes were dealt with, I filed, and I picked things up off the floor and put them away.  I realize now that I should have taken Before pictures, so the transformation can be more completely realized, but!  these may serve as a reminder to me, at least, that the place can t0o be neat.  Or at least, neater.

from the door
One view from the doorway


From the door TWO
A second view from the doorway


from the file cabinet
A view from the file cabinet corner


from the file cabinet TWO
Another view from the file cabinet corner

Annoyed Office Manager, with minions
Annoyed Office Manager, with minions


Having goofed off today in fine form for most of the day, I’ll now go to work, though I find myself somewhat at a standstill regarding the Exact Sorts of Fish that occupy the Gulf of Maine, and in specific, Saco Bay, and what they look like.  The internet has failed me in this.  I need to run errands tomorrow, so perhaps a stop at the library for a. . .fishiary?. . .is in order.


3 thoughts on “My office, I have it back”

  1. And *such* minions! That little orange guy — don’t turn your back on *him*, man.

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