Socks Update

Several kind people have written (tweeted, facebooked, and LJed) to find if all of Socks’ medical expenses have been paid, or if “more money is needed.”

I’m truly grateful for the care and thoughtfulness behind the queries, and the generosity of caring people that made it possible for us to give Socks a little more time.

But here’s the thing. . .

When the ship lifts, all debts are paid.

So,  thank you — all of you — no more money is needed.

If you still feel that you’d like to do honor Socks’ memory, please consider a donation to your local animal shelter.  If you don’t have a local shelter, we found that the Animal Emergency Clinic in Lewiston, where the vets were so wonderful for Socks and for Hexapuma, has a Good Samaritan Fund, to assist people who can’t afford emergency, life-saving care for their pets.  Here’s the website

At a slight tangent, I did bring home Socks’ ashes today.  The ground is still a little hard for me to dig through, but as soon as the permafrost retreats for the few short weeks of our arctic summer, Socks will be interred in the Cat Garden in the front yard.  The Cat Garden is a wildflower garden, and it draws bees, and butterflies, and hummingbirds.  The front windows where Mozart and Socks shared the sun together overlooks the Cat Garden.


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