Yes, I’m cleaning out another file drawer

1999 Romantic Times advertisement
1999 Romantic Times advertisement

I think this Meisha Merlin ad ran in the Valentine’s Day 1999 edition of Romantic Times.  The same ad ran in the SFWA Bulletin and a well-meaning colleague told us that we might want to “tone down” the romance-thing in the ad, so as not to offend the membership.


In other news, I believe I’ve had better days.  I thought filing would be a nice, soothing-in-a-boring-way activity.  That was before I had to put all of Socks’ vet records and bills and stuff away.  I briefly considered setting fire to the office, then thought that I’d probably regret that later, and maybe I should just throw everything away, instead.  That’s still on the table, but there doesn’t seem to be a dumpster company open today.  Maybe I’ll change my mind on the overnight.


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