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Liaden Universe® reader Gus Fleischmann has taken the bold, and necessary, step of starting a Liaden wiki.  He’s made a beginning, starting with Dragon Ship.   You can take a look at it here.

For the record, he asked our permission to pursue this project, and we gave it, so this is legit.

Gus very quickly realized that wikifying the Entire Liaden Universe® is going to be a very large task, and that many hands make the work light.

So, if you’d like to help build the wiki, please go over, sign up, and help make this thing happen.


One thought on “Help Wanted”

  1. Off topic, but might be interesting, if you haven’t heard about it yet.
    I saw on John Scalzi’s blog that on 4 december, self-published and e-book authors can promote their books for sale in the comments on his blog. If I understand today’s post correctly 3 december is for authors promoting/linking to store-buyable books etc., and on 6 december fans are allowed to place links to places where people can buy stuff they’re enthousiastic about.

    One of you could place a link to Pinbeam books (and maybe Smashwords) yourselves, on 4 december. His blog gets a lot of traffic (50.000 hits some days), so linking to your ebook-store on it might be a good way to get some new customers there.

    You could link to your books on the Baen site on the third.

    If it wouldn’t be overkill to mention Lee and Miller books on three days, one of your blog-followers who’s good at writing short but inviting promotional posts could mention you on the sixth. I don’t follow mr. Scalzi closely enough to know if that would rate a deletion. Maybe on the 6th someone could link to Splinter Universe instead of Pinbeam or Baen?

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