Sunday morning, late, and reminder

So the turkey bones are busy making stock, and the laundry has been started.  Still on the to-do list, dishes! the reading of the manuscript! writing!  more laundry!

Yeah, it’s a thrill a minute here at the Confusion Factory.

For you, though, there is excitement! and adventure! in the air!  There’s an ARC of Necessity’s Child, the newest Liaden Universe® novel (how new? you ask.  So new that it won’t be published until February.  That’s like, pre-new!) up for grabs, straight from the authors.  Hurry and enter, because the contest closes Wednesday at noon, Eastern Standard Time, U.S.

Edited to add:  I should note that, since this is a standalone novel within the universe, this would make a great holiday present to That Certain Someone who you’ve been trying to hook on the Liaden books, but who just can’t commit to reading 15 novels.

Contest rules here.

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