Well, we’re big rock singers; we got golden fingers

The revisions came back on the essay; happily, nothing drastic.  I’ll deal with them…tomorrow.  Or Saturday.

This morning, FedEx brought another 600-ish tip-in pages for Necessity’s Child for Steve and me to sign, so — good on y’all who pre-ordered signed copies!

Also!  Did you know that February 2013 is the Silver Anniversary of the Liaden Universe®? That’s right, in February 1988, the paperback original of a quirky little space opera titled Agent of Change, by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, appeared in bookstores everywhere! And the rest?  Is history!

In celebration of the persistence of history, we’ll be hosting a combined book release party/silver anniversary at Boskone — more details as they’re nailed down.

We ought to plan a web celebration, too, for the folks who can’t make Boskone.  What do you think we should do?

Twenty-five years, and all of the Liaden books are in print.  That’s really kind of awesome, actually.

And in other news, I cleaned the bathroom.


2 thoughts on “Well, we’re big rock singers; we got golden fingers”

  1. I introduced a nice lady to your universe today. She was looking for a nice, refreshingly different light/quick read. I showed her the cover of Carpe Diem that I was re-reading at the doctors’ office. Hope it takes root!!

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