In case you missed the news

1.  “Landed Alien,” a short story about Kara ven’Arith is this month’s Free Story on the Baen website (you need to scroll down).  It will be available there until September 15, and then be retired to the Free Library.

2.  Dragon Ship, the fourth book of Theo Waitley, is now available from Baen in the ebook format of your choice.

3.  Geek Girl Project continues their Books for Writers series with a review of Carpe Diem, by Lee and Miller.

4.  Necessity’s Child is not (that is NOT) the sequel to Dragon Ship.  Since it is already written, turned in, and scheduled for publication — three conditions that the sequel(s) to Dragon Ship do not at this time meet — it is Extremely Doubtful that we will “tell our publisher” to release the sequel next.  Sorry ’bout that.

4a.  Necessity’s Child is actually a darn good book; I like it, and a handful of other folks who read SF, including James Burton, Jaine Fenn, Dave Freer, Todd McCaffrey, Steve Miller, Elizabeth Moon, and Toni Weisskopf like it, too.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

4b.  The proposals for the books following Dragon Ship are on Madame the Agent’s desk.  We’ll tell you if/when they’ve been accepted by Baen.  Until then, you now know as much about this as we do.  Feel better?

5.  AsyouknowBob, the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory experienced an Epic Flood a couple weeks ago.  We, by which I mean Steve and I, have been Coping With The Mess Left Behind (the cats providing encouragement, in between naps), which means that, yes, I’m behind on my email.  And just about everything else.  Thank you for your understanding.

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