Five things make a post, Thursday edition

1.  The Peavey, newsletter of the Maine Writers and Publishers Association features some Liaden news, as well as news and notes from all points of the Maine Writing/Publishing Geography.  This link might work…

2.  A librarian friend sends us the following Liaden mention from Public Libraries, the Under the Radar Column, which this month deals with Sci-Fi you might have missed:

“The Liaden series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller was initially released in the late eighties, but was never a big success. However Lee and Miller continued to write them, much to the delight of a dedicated group of fans. Baen has re-released all of the original books, as well as several new titles and the many short stories, in both print and digital editions. Lee and Miller continue to add to their entrancing space opera with the recent YA friendly Ghost Ship (2011) and Dragon Ship (2012).”

3.  I usually give clothes I no longer want/that no longer fit to Goodwill in Waterville, but I find that I have two t-shirts, size medium, that I don’t think I’d better donate, given the, err, political climate.  Does anyone want a MacHall Cthuhlu “Sell your soul for a cookie?” t-shirt and/or a Balticon 43 (the year Charlie Stross was GOH) t-shirt?  If you can use these shirts — both black, both in good, wearable condition — drop me a note at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom and we’ll work something out.

4.  For those keeping score, we will on Monday-coming have in this house, in order of appearance: 1. the plumbers, 2. the electrician, 3. the flooring crew, 4. The plumbers.  I’m thinking Socks is going to have to get in a temp-cat to help him keep it all under proper supervision.

5.  In 12 days I’ll be in Archers Beach.

One thought on “Five things make a post, Thursday edition”

  1. I am currently rereading Fledgling and its followers, so that I might properly appreciate Dragon Ship (which I purchased this week). While reading of Jen Sar’s dealings with the Chapelia, I was inspired to this thought:

    Do not meddle in the affairs of Clan Korval,
    For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

    It would probably make a decent bumper sticker.

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