We climbed aboard their starship, we headed for the skies

So, today!  The electrician, who discovered the reason that plugging in the air conditioner on one side of the bedroom turned off the light and alarm clock plugged into a Completely Nother socket.  Turned out there was an arc being created in the receptacle itself.

We are very lucky people.

While he was here, the electrician also replaced a not-to-code wire to a circuit breaker.  The rest were OK, but this one particular wire was of a sort that would have failed before the circuit snapped over.  The words of the electrician were, “Well, there’s a fire waitin’ to happen.”

We are very lucky people.

The reason we had called the electrician was to move a plug in the bathroom, since the new vanity, once installed, will cover the existing plug.  This was done with a minimum of fuss, but not exactly in the optimum-for-us manner. We’ll need to punt.

There’s a change.

I believe that, with the departure of the electrician, we are now bereft of craftspeople until Monday-next at oh-ghod-early, when the plumbers will arrive, rip out the existing vanity, and the toilet, move the washer and dryer to the kitchen and fly away.

Coming close on the heels of the plumbers will be the flooring crew, who will do their thing.  After we have a floor, the plumbers will swoop on by to install the toilet and go away until Tuesday morning, when they will pick up the vanity from Waterville Custom Kitchen before landing again at our house to continue with their piece of the adventure.

The really sticky part about that is that it’s bound to be noisy, and I have a phone interview with the fourth narrator of the Audible editions at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.  *cough* I hope Neil can filter out the racket.

Speaking of insurance companies, the mail brought packets from same regarding the flood.  It may be that we will simply lose the books that we have lost, since there seems to be no insurance-company-comprehensible explanation for them available to me.  I will need to call the Claims Supervisor tomorrow to verify that.


Lest I forget, today’s adventures also included the arrival of Girl Genius, Volume Eleven, which provided a welcome respite.


By the middle of next week, this will all be over.



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