In which writing is a science

*cue laugh track*

Frequent auditors of this journal will recall that a few days ago I was cursing Chapter 24 for non-compliance, and Showed It (nyah-nyah) by skipping over it and writing Chapter 25.

After which the lights went out in the story factory and no words got written while I sat in front of the computer for hours at a time, alternating between staring at the blank screen and reading ‘way too many news stories.

Now, when you’re a writer and your brain turns off during the Thrilling Last Third of the novel? At least, when you’re this writer and as above?

That means you screwed up, and your brain has taken you off the happy juice until you (1) figure out what’s scrod and (2) fix it.

Turns out that I’d cut a corner. Not much of a corner, mind you, but the backbrain Seriously Objected to going through the parking lot as opposed to walking the long way ’round the block.

So I’ve spent the last two days going ’round the block properly and I’m now back where I was before everything went dark.

Go, me.

In auction news, remember that the auction for the rare! hardcover! of Partners in Necessity goes over tomorrow. Here’s the link

…and that the auction for the possibly-even-rarer hardcover edition of Liaden Universe Companion Number One goes over on March 7 (that’s Wednesday!). Here’s the link — for the book, not Wednesday.

In real life news, we expect the Oil Burner Guys at 8 a.m. tomorrow, to replace a section of pipe and perform other Oil Burner Guy rituals. The heat will be off for about an hour.

*looks around for her floofiest fleece sweater — finds it under Mozart*

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