You could have a steam train, if you’d just lay down your tracks

So, the Oil Burner Guys got a little confused and didn’t arrive at 8! A! M! after all. Office apologizes and says they’ll be by tomorrow at one. Had I known this, I could’ve, yanno, slept ’til 7, instead of getting up at 5:30. I’m really not good about 5:30.

Steve and I did get out to do shopping, and came home to nap because. . .no brain. I do so love being able to take a nap when I have no brain, and  invariably I wake up with a brain, and work gets done.

This evening’s work consisted of piecing together a big chunk of Chapter 26 out of the rubble of the former Chapters 24 and 25, interposed with new material. Tomorrow, I should be in totally new territory, and that? Will be fun.

Tomorrow will also (she said determinedly) see a return of going to the gym three days a week. Nine weeks of laying around hasn’t done me any good at all, and I really wish this hiatus hadn’t happened, not the least because it’s easier to fall off the treadmill than it is to get back on.

The auction for the hardcover Partners in Necessity has ended — congratulations to the successful bidder!

Still in process are auctions for two! hardcover edition of Liaden Universe® Companion Number One. This one goes over on Wednesday.  This one goes over on Sunday.

Also!  Mr. Blyly at Uncle Hugo’s that he has pre-orders for 304! autographed copies of Dragon Ship.  There are only 96 left, so if you’ve been hanging back. . .you’ve got steadier nerves that I do.

In other news, Judy Tarr’s Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal!  Yay! Oh, hey, if you weren’t in at the beginning, don’t be sad.  You can still be a patron; Judy’s already got new goodies on offer, and new goals outlined.  Take a look.

One thought on “You could have a steam train, if you’d just lay down your tracks”

  1. But I really think the line is “You could have a steam train if you just lay down your OWN tracks.”. Love Peter Gabriel.

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