Mission accomplished. Ow.

This morning, I donned the little air bladder cast and drove myself to town to do errands. I hit Staples, and the post office, and Framemakers, and the grocery store. I am now exhausted, my foot aches and has swollen a bit to register its outrage. I’ll call that a balanced outcome, I guess.

What I dislike most is that the fall, and subsequent combined zoo and circus of the sprain, has made me very, very, very timid of ice and snow. Living in Maine as I do, this is not a good thing. But the reality of things is that I cannot afford to fall again, and knowing that makes me tense. And, yanno, more likely to fall.

Have to work on that, I guess.

In other news, “Intelligent Design,” and “The Space at Tinsori Light,” have been collected into eChapbook Legacy Systems: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 19, now available from the Nook store  and the Kindle store .  A Smashthing edition has to wait (with The Day they brought the Bears to Belfast)  until I have a chunk of time to do the conversion.

We will be adding some more splinters to Splinter Universe, so watch the skies.

And now?  I’m hitting the sofa with a manuscript, a red pen, a glass of ice tea and some aspirin.

What’re you doing today?

One thought on “Mission accomplished. Ow.”

  1. I sympathize with the timidity-increases-the-danger-you’re-timid-about syndrome. Consider a pair of Yak-trax — essentially a set of stretchable cleats you can attach to the bottom of your shoes to increase traction.

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