Five things make a post

1. There seems to be some disagreement about whether the Komen Fund has actually promised to re-fund Planned Parenthood. Sure they did. No, they didn’t

2. The bills for the Great Ankle Debacle have landed. Now, my wallet’s sprained.

3. Unfortunately — but fortunately! — yesterday (aka, before #2 landed) Steve was alerted to a sale at Tiger Direct, and I now have a 7-inch, 32-gig Galaxy Tablet winging its way to me.

4. Yesterday, was the Day of Reading for the 2012 Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest. Today, is the day of cleaning up the house, followed by date night.

5. We have so far earned $48.50 for Planned Parenthood through sales of the cChapbook The Cat’s Job. Proceeds from the February sales of that eChapbook will be donated to Planned Parenthood. To cut out the middlecat and donate directly to Planned Parenthood, follow this link.

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