Pinbeam Books Yule sale!

A number of our readers (“our” being Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, the writers behind the stories, and this website) have written to tell us that their friend, or their brother-in-law, or their mom, or the barista at their favorite coffee shop are crazy to add stuff to their brand-new eReader/tablet/phone/netbook, but they don’t want to risk a lot of money buying unknown books.

Well! We’re all about making it easier for new readers to find us, and this is what we’ve decided to do.

From Right Now until January 2012, you, your friend, the BiL, Mom, and the barista can try out six! Pinbeam Books eChapbooks and! one novel at, as they say, Greatly Reduced Prices.

We’ve knocked two dollars off each of the following eBooks, just for you:

Chariot to the Stars by Steve Miller
Includes: “Rain Day,” “The Solution,” “The Inventoried,” “The Cat’s Job,” “Charioteer”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|

TimeRags II by Steve Miller
Updates and expands Steve’s first volume of poetry, TimeRags, published in 1975.
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|


Variations Three by Sharon Lee
Includes: “Coffeecat,” “The AfterImage,” and “Passionato”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|

Endeavors of Will by Sharon Lee
Includes: “Stolen Laughter,” “The Winter Consort,” “The Pretender,” “The Silver Pathway,” “Stormshelter,” “The Girl, The Cat, and Deviant,” “A Matter of Ceremony,” “The Handsome Prince,” and “Cards” (poem)
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|


Master Walk by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Contains the novelette “Master Walk”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|

The Naming of Kinzel by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Includes: “Kinzel the Foolish,” “Kinzel the Innocent,” and “Kinzel the Arbiter”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|


The Tomorrow Log by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
A space opera novel detailing the adventures of master thief Gem ser Edreth
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|


For those who want electronic editions of Lee-and-Miller, and Lee, novels, the entire oeuvre (barring Sharon’s mysteries, of which more in a moment) to date can be purchased directly in the format(s) of your choice from Baen Books.

Sharon’s mysteries set in Wimsy, Maine, are available in the electronic format of your choice from Fictionwise (and in paper, from Lulu)

And! all of the great stories, including Liaden story “Intelligent Design,” that have been published for free on Baen Books’ front page throughout 2011, are collected in this great electronic anthology, which is absolutely free.

Speaking of free stories, don’t forget to check out Splinter Universe which right now has four complete short stories and a number of “splinters” available to be read. Donations are gratefully accepted.

So, that’s what we’ve got! We hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoy writing them.

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