Five things and a picture make a post

1. Yay! My copy of “Off the Grid” by RHR and the Wasteland Wranglers has arrived! I listened to it this morning as I drove to gym, and then to various errands. Excellent!

2. has sold out of Ghost Ship. For those who were planning on giving a copy to that Space Opera Reader on your gift list, but haven’t actually bought the book yet? You’re playing with fire, here. At last report, Uncle Hugo’s still had some signed copies of Ghost Ship on hand (at no extra charge!). Uncle Hugo’s does do mail order.

3. We’ve added Boskone (February 17-19, 2012) to next year’s convention dance card, in addition to our GOH appearance at Chattacon (January 20-22, 2012).

4. Waiting for the new winter coats to arrive. LL Bean says tomorrow. That would be nice. Mind you, it’s Ridiculously Warm at the moment, and more of the same called for tomorrow — 56F/13C? WTF? — but I’d rather have the coats in hand than in Chelmsford. No, I don’t know why coats warehoused in Freeport Maine, and destined for the Greater Waterville Googolplex, have to go to Chelmsford Mass first. I suppose they have relatives down south.

5. Y’all have read Laura Anne Gilman’s Vineart War trilogy, right? (If you haven’t, that’s Flesh and Fire, Weight of Stone, and The Shattered Vine. You can order them now. Yes, now. Go on, I’ll wait.) Well! It turns out that there are more stories that want to be told in the Vineart universe. Laura Anne seemed surprised by this (cue maniacal laughter). In particular, a novella, “From Whence You Came,” wanted to be written, and so Laura Anne made a deal with it — “If you get funded on Kickstarter, I’ll write you.” Well, the story is Just This Close to Winning that bet — only $440 shy of making its nut (not to mention that Laura Anne has already started to write the story, because — writers. Every single one of us is Like That). You want the story to win, right? I thought so. Why not go on over and give it a hand, then?

Steve Miller and Sharon Lee at the Portland Public Library MWPA Signing Black Friday

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