Five Things Make a Post

1. It’s snowing. I’ve just done the first round of shoveling, and regretting the lack of the deck roof. Though it is very nice to be able to shovel the snow off the deck without feeling the need to mutter, “Goddess, please let it not fall down…”

2. My cookbooks are…in a pile somewhere. So! Who has a good recipe for mincemeat tarts (I like mincemeat, even the weird mutant mincemeat that they offer up in jars nowadays. Steve won’t touch the stuff, so mincemeat pie is right out.)

3. Yesterday was mostly consumed with paying bills and recoding Master Walk for Smashthing, where it is now! available! for! sale! Go me. Today? Is all about Dragon Ship. In between shoveling, of course.

4. Lulu is having a sale! Yes! This means you can go here and purchase the new paper editions of Barnburner and Gunshy, the Jen Pierce Wimsy, Maine mysteries, for 25% off! Just use this coupon code: BUYMYBOOK305
Small print: Coupon expires December 14, 2011/$50 Max Savings

5. Speaking of books, and sales, and the upcoming gift-giving season, remember that Steve and I will be at the Portland Library on Friday, November 25, from noon to three with a lot of other super Maine writers. So, come on by! Here’s the official poster:

2 thoughts on “Five Things Make a Post”

  1. I just make ordinary paste pie-crust, cut it in rounds, put a very small amount of bottled mince-meat in the center of each round, fold over, seal and bake ~400 until golden brown, usually 25+ minutes.

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