And if I stare too long, I’ll prob’ly break down and cry

A distressful day, much of it consumed by errands, filing, and other no-focus-needed tasks, which is, yanno — OK. Filing and grocery shopping needs to happen, too.

The back-brain did helpfully kick up three details for “Kin Ties” — thank you, back-brain! — and those are now inserted where they’ll do the most good.

In a bittersweet moment, Steve and I ate the last two Blueberry Wine Truffles from the box one of my faculty members kindly brought to me. If you’re ever in Lubec, Maine, Monica’s Chocolates is the place you want.

In between things, I’m making flyers for the Friends of Liad table at WorldCon. So far, I have a flyer for Splinter Universe, Pinbeam Books and a Lee-Miller Bibliography. Also, there will be ribbons. Possibly, there might be temporary Tree-and-Dragon tatts. What else should be on the fan table? What would you pick up off the table, if you were there? Inquiring minds…

Meanwhile, Scrabble informs me that tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I’ll be at the day-job.

Only four more days of school.

2 thoughts on “And if I stare too long, I’ll prob’ly break down and cry”

  1. ah! I won’t be at WorldCon – is there any way I can get a Tree and Dragon temporary tat?

    (I’ll be at Pennsic War, the WorldCon of the SCA)

  2. Bookmarks. Lots of bookmarks. With the Tree, a Dragon, and Korval’s Ring. I’d pay dearly, let alone be in spasms of delight to find them on your table….

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