There stands m’wife, the idol of me life, singing roll or bowl a ball a penny a pitch

Back when I was an Ace Reporter for the Town Line weekly newspaper out our very own China, Maine, it was my very great pleasure (at 25 cents the column inch and 50 cents for every photograph used) every year at the end of July to cover what would have been the Albion Fair, had Albion been even a teensy bit bigger, or, yanno, had a fairgrounds. As it was, the celebration was called Albion Fun Day, it was held inside and on the lawn of the elementary school, and it encompassed everything from the judging of baked goods and Vegetables of Unusual Size, to frog jumps, to dance competitions, to make-yourself-a-laughing-stock-by-trying-to-climb-the-rope-bridge, to pie eating contests.

It was at Albion Fun Day, in fact, that I first heard a square dance called to “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.”

Good times. Good times.


It was hot in the attic office at the day-job today — much the same as everywhere else. After work, I stopped by Pearle Vision and picked up my new pair of back-up glasses. They’re a little loose, so I’ll stop tomorrow on my way home and have them tightened, and that should be that.

At home, I performed such mundane but needful tasks as cleaning and refilling the cat fountain and the hummingbird feeders. I also added the penultimate Splinter of The Cards of Fortunate Destiny here, and in a moment I’ll get up and go scoop out the cat boxes.

The glamor! I’mtellinya, as we used to say in my home town.

Oh, and the back-brain kicked up another detail for “Kin Ties” — see? This is why we let the story rest, rather than rushing to publish; so you’ll have the best reading experience possible. Really, it’s all about you. — which I’ll weave in to the appropriate spot this evening, too.

Which I think really will be enough work for one day.

Tomorrow, the day-job again.

Only three more days of school.

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